Rev. Tim Kerber : Lead Pastor

Rev. Tim Kerber

Lead Pastor

Pastor Tim Kerber is our senior pastor and has been at LCBC for over twenty years. (He claims that he started when he was 13, but we suspect it was more like 15...)   Tim began as the church's youth pastor in 1994.  Tim has a passion for preaching, teaching, and worship. Tim has his B.A., a Master's of Divinity from Taylor Seminary and a diploma in Spiritual Formation from Carey Theological College in Vancouver. He is married to Rachelle and they have two children. Tim's passion is to live every moment in awareness of God's presence, and to have a faith which shapes all that he does.  When Tim is not at the office, he can be found pretending to be a farmer, gardening, wood working, coaching hockey, and racing pigeons, or triathlons.

Dean Haugan : Associate Pastor of Youth

Dean Haugan

Associate Pastor of Youth

Pastor Dean Haugan has been hired as our Associate Pastor of Youth starting June 2014. Before joining LCBC, Dean was the Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church, Calgary for 4 years. Dean loves working with youth, encouraging them to see and experience God in all that they do. Dean enjoys studying the bible and talking with people about what God is doing in their lives. Dean is married to Jenna, and has a daughter, Daidrie, and a big fluffy golden doodle named Nova Bean . Dean received a B.A from Ambrose University College, and is currently enrolled in a M.Div. at Carey Theological College. Dean loves to watch and play many sports, and proudly manages many fantasy sports teams and tries his best to be mediocre at golf. Dean loves watching a good movie, reading an interesting book, and learning new things.

Lisa Watts : Children and Family Coordinator

Lisa Watts

Children and Family Coordinator

Lisa Watts has been our Children and Family Coordinator for the past four years. Lisa has worked alongside her husband in his role as a pastor, and has been involved in children's ministry and ladies ministry in her previous churches.  Lisa is a creative person, and has many abilities. She is an excellent cook, is a wonderful coffee partner, and she can build anything out of cardboard, and we mean anything!  She brings a sincere love of God, creativity, a prayerful attitude and intention to our children's ministries.

Connie Thiessen : Church Administrator

Connie Thiessen

Church Administrator

Connie Thiessen joined us in 2017 as our church administrator.  Connie is married to Ken,  and they have two grown daughters and 5 grandchildren.  She is a graduate of Berean Bible College.  Connie enjoys photography, reading, long walks, and joining Ken on his motorcycle.  She has a lot of different experience working in the church as a Sunday School teacher,  youth leader,  and college and career sponsor.  Connie has also used her gifts in working with Victim Services.  Today,  she uses those gifts to run a support group for widows.  Connie is a great addition to our team.