Welcome to Kids Kingdom! We’re blessed with an abundance of children at our church. Children are not just the future church they are the church now and we want to see them grow in an unshakable relationship with God. Every Sunday, we seek to provide a safe, vibrant ministry experience for children through music, crafts, games, teaching and more.


When you arrive at LCBC just follow the footprints to the Kids Kingdom hallway and check in at our registration desk.


There is a PRESCHOOL class for children aged 3&4 that is fun and interactive for this highly active group.  The children will help Simon the Frog to praise God for this day that the Lord has made and then they will play a part in the Bible story.  After a fun craft and delicious snack there are lots of toys to play with together!


KINDERGARTEN TO GRADE 4 will meet together in the Fireside room for a time of worship through songs, scripture memory, prayer stations, and quarterly special events.  Then the children break into smaller age specific groups to explore the Bible using dynamic, engaging curriculum, activities, crafts and snack.


GRADES 5&6 are knee-deep in pre-adolescence.  They will meet together in the Youth Room with dynamic teachers who are committed to walking deeper into God’s word with these young people.  Through cooking, technology, drama, or art these students will discover God’s love and faithfulness and grow in confidence as they learn who God has created them to be.


We believe that parents are the primary influencers of their children’s faith. We desire to support and empower parents to develop spiritually healthy families.  We do this through Take it Home events, a monthly Parent Conversation night and resources found in our library and online.


What We Value:

The Bible

The Bible is God’s word for each one of us.  Now that is exciting!  Not only do we learn about the attributes of God we also come to know God’s plan in history and his good and perfect plans for us.  In Kid’s Kingdom we value deep and engaging study of God’s word and the lessons it has for us.

Scripture memory

Children have incredible memories!  We know that what we learn in childhood often stays with us for a lifetime.  When we memorize God’s word it transforms our heart and our mind. We hide it in our heart and use it to triumph over sin and fight off Satan.


We have been given a direct line to communicate with God, the creator of the universe.  It is a privilege to share our joys and our worries with God.  In Kid’s Kingdom the children explore different ways to pray, share prayer requests and celebrate all of God’s answers to our prayers.

Healthy Community

Through a variety of activities the children are encouraged to engage and grow in healthy relationships with one another and their teachers. At LCBC we believe that Intergenerational events are important for fostering healthy community so we join together for regular family worship services, family camp, Kite flying night, Family Christmas party and more.


Jesus showed us that we are called to serve others so we seek opportunities to respond to needs in our world.  We participate in mission opportunities such as Operation Christmas Child, collect a mission’s offering each week, and celebrate children and families who find ways to serve others.


When children have fun at church we know they will want to come back!  We want children to know that worshipping and serving God is cool and fun is our number 1 rule!