Every Wednesday, Starting September 28, 2022 7PM-9PM in the Fireside Room

WHAT is Freedom Session? Freedom Session is a 20 week intensive journey that uncovers and offers healing for the deeper heart issues that often fuel our unhealthy attitudes, harmful behaviors and destructive choices.

WHO is Freedom Session For? Freedom Session is for EVERYONE!  We all have hurts, unresolved conflicts and unhealthy ways we avoid dealing with them along with justifying behaviors that offend those we love.  Freedom Session is for people struggling in their relationships, those preparing for marriage, those walking through a painful separation or divorce, those wounded through abuse, abandonment or domestic violence.  Freedom Session is for perfectionists, avoiders, men and women who struggle with addiction, workaholics, and those with frozen emotions.  Freedom Session helps people with depression, food disorders and so much more.  Freedom Session is for people who just sense something is missing.  Freedom Session is for YOU!